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Personal Budget Software for Windows


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  •  Build an effective personal or family budget easily without the expense tracking required by most other personal finance programs. Choose the level of spending category detail to include in your final budget. Then display your home budget in a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual format.

  •  Create a clear picture of your financial situation. See the effect of current spending patterns on your overall bank balance. Notice which areas of discretionary spending are having the greatest effect. Now rescale these categories, using the program's integrated rescaling control, and instantly observe the effect on the bottom line in your chart.

  •  Explain to partners and family members using the combined income-expenditure charts, just where the money goes, and how best to manage it. Create a personal budget for each family member relating to their own spending habits.

  •  Show instantly the effect of proposed changes in spending habits on your present and future wealth. Observe the effects of economizing or overspending in the dynamic chart output. Visualize the effect of your proposed budget over 5, 10 or more years.

  •  Test your new budget against estimates of future income, and interest, tax and inflation rates. Observe to what extent your financial bottom line reacts to slight adjustments to each of these factors.

For a quick overview of Graphic Accounts check out our screenshots page.

For more a more detailed look at how the program works see our online documentation.

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